Lovely Lily Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lovely Lily Photography (Lovely Lily Photography) Wed, 13 Apr 2016 19:33:00 GMT Wed, 13 Apr 2016 19:33:00 GMT Lovely Lily Photography: Blog 82 120 Clowning Around with Family First Blog of the New Year! It's been a few months! Thought you guys might like a nice colorful update. This one is fun and silly. Be advised... if you are afraid of clowns... you probably should turn back. There is a ton of clownin' around in this blog! I have plenty to throw at you over the next few weeks. We've done some beautiful weddings and sessions this year and have plenty coming up later this year. Stay tuned!

On April 12th, my sister Katie asked me to bring my family over to her college to check out her school's Multi-Cultural Day celebration, where the Makeup and Photography departments were offering to share a bit of "Clown culture" and make up anyone willing and able to join in the fun. Thanks to the skills of the makeup artists a bunch of my family were transformed into some pretty diverse clowns! My sister turned my dad, Gary into a very Sid Haig-esque, House of 1000 Corpses clown, my niece Ali into a sweet clown who looked like she just ate someone's heart out, my precious Jasmine into a little harlequin and herself into a terrifying pregnant clown that could rival any horror film's antagonist you've seen on the big screen lately. A friend of hers made up my husband John when he offered himself up to be transformed in to a Jeckyll/Hyde type jester. Here are just a few shots of their adventures wandering through Moorpark College on Multi-Cultural Day sharing a bit of Clown Culture and shinanigans with visitors and students alike. Thanks sis for a fun day!!!


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Merry Christmas Mini Sessions! Hello all!

It's that awesome time of year again where the littles get dressed up to see Santa and take fun family photos to share with family and friends on our Christmas cards! This year has been the most adorable yet! My girls went to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga where I got our first "crying Santa picture" with Jasmine and Lily was in awe of the magic like always. We had so many wonderful mini sessions with the cutest kids and most beautiful families I've ever worked with. My last mini session was this week and I can't even begin to express how blessed I am this season to have worked with so many amazing families. I just have to share a few shots from each of my Christmas Mini Sessions and hope that you and yours are having a wonderful season!

First up was the ever adorable Mr. Scotty. He not only was charming as ever in his red suspenders, but we played with some bubbles and he was able to try a real candy cane for the first time this year.  Then my girls got a turn at some Christmassy photos... Lily and Jasmine had fun "battling" with their candy canes.

This was such a neat session. After calculating the chances of getting these two Irish twins to actually pose for pictures in this epic field at sunset, we decided to just let Ireland and Luke run free, and I'm so glad we did!  This session was awesome because of how well behaved everyone was. Not only did we do Christmas photos... but the girls had their birthday pictures taken right before their Christmas session. Here is the adorable Addy, Ellie and Kaden. 

This session with Kobi & Drew was awesome! These two high spirited princesses were like adorable fairies flitting around the forest in their amazing mommy-made tutus! This session with the beautiful Lang family was lots of fun! How cute are these boys??? And precious newborn Genevive?! Gah... melted my heart! It's always a party with this family. Jackson and his reigndog were the highlight of this session! Next was an awesome family session with one of the nicest families I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Gretchen and Jeff have hearts of gold and are raising the sweetest girls ever!

I have had the joy of knowing this family long before they decided to create this gorgeous little angel, Sophie! Working with them twice at the beach to get just the right shots made this year's Christmas mini sessions that much more fun! And to top it off, we managed to beat the rain on round two by about 5 minutes!  Ramiro is gonna kill me for this one.... ;) Next up was the littlest traveler, Scarlett. She was born on the east coast to her beautiful mommy and her daddy in the Marines but gets to come out and visit her west coast family for Christmas. She was so much fun to photograph with her bright eyes and awesome personality. My little Santa baby!  This session was awesome! Who doesn't love giant red holiday poinsettias??? I've been photographing adorable Jacob since before he was born, starting with his mommy's maternity session. Having not seen him since his newborn pictures, it was a joy to work with his wonderful personality and amazing smile. We had lots of fun with this session. 
Our last Christmas mini for the year was with my favorite family! It has been a joy watching these adorable boys grow through the years and it was fun to get their beautiful mommy and daddy to be silly.  I really want to thank all of you wonderful families for blessing me with the joy of capturing these memories for you and I hope that you treasure them always. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year! I can't wait to see what 2016 holds and don't forget to be good... because Santa is watching! <3

Sending love to you all!

~Jenny Horn

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Happy Father's Day 2015 Hello all of you beautiful people and happy Father's Day to you wonderful dads out there!

I've been so excited to get to share all of these wonderful images with you guys! Waiting on pins and needles for most of these awesome mom's to reveal their gifts to the special dads in their lives has been torture. Hehehe! This has been our best year yet with Father's Day mini sessions and I want to thank all of you fantastic people who shared these mini sessions with me. I had so much fun!! Since we did quite a few this year I'll share just a couple shots from each session with you and I hope you enjoy seeing these wonderful littles expressing their love for their dads and grandfathers that clearly mean so much to them! There's even a fabulous session we were blessed to do with a stunning grandma as a bonus!

I want to start off by wishing a fantastic Father's Day to my husband John, my father in law, Steve and my awesome dad, Gary! You guys are the glue that helps hold our families together and Lily & Jasmine adore you all. Here are just a few shots from their mini session.

Of course I can't forget the boys who started up the whole Father's Day mini session buzz with their adorable tootsies and svelte mini Converse. Here are just a few shots of my pals, Ayden and Ryder. 

Next up is the adorable Mr. Scott. This sweet boy is so precious from his beautiful blonde ringlets to his fabulous personality, I just loved working with him so much!!! ​He showed off his adorable toes as well and demonstrated his love for balloons. He and his mommy sure do love his daddy very much. <3

Our next mini was with the stunning Miss Isabella & her strong willed little brother, Tristan. These two were cracking me up the entire time! I'm hoping their dad loved his surprise! Way to go mom!

We then took things to the beach where awesome mom Kate and her adorable son Jace splashed around a bit. Thanks for not being afraid to get your feet wet for this mini. I had an amazing time with you two!!!

Next up we had some fun in the sun in Westlake with the wonderful Brendan! His shoot was a whirlwind of bubbles, balloons and even a little pup named Penny came to play with us! 

This next session was with my favorite twins, Remington & Ryker! These two are amazing little spitfires, filled with energy and so much adoration for their beautiful parents. This session not only brought them all together for some nice family portraits in the park, but the boys were able to ride their new awesome bikes and show off for me!

Our final Father's Day mini was with the beautiful Alessia & her equally beautiful sister Isabella. These two not only did surprise portraits for their dad, compliments of their fantastic mom, but they had a special guest here all the way from New York! Nonna!!! I absolutely adore the pictures of Alessia with Nonna and had so much fun working with everyone!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your wonderful littles with me and I look forward to working with you all again sometime! I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day and that you enjoyed this latest installment of our Lovely Lily blog!


~Jenny Horn

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Lexie's Maternity Adventures Hi friends! 

Just in time for spring I thought I'd share this beautiful maternity session with you all! You may remember this lovely lady from her gorgeous Pierpont Inn wedding from a couple years ago. I was so excited when I learned this mama-to-be was coming home to California for her baby shower from North Carolina where she lives with her USMC hubby. From an awesome beach in Channel Islands where we captured vibrant and ethereal images, to Moorpark where a more stylized session happened and she portrayed a fabulous Rosie the Riviter-esque bombshell, this shoot was awesome. This spectacular beauty is so much fun to work with and I just want to thank you, Lexie, for not being afraid to get your feet wet on this maternity adventure! Please enjoy this wonderful maternity session celebrating the beauty of maternity and share in the love she holds in her heart for her baby girl, Scarlett. I can't wait to meet her later this year!!!! 


Congratulations Lexie & Connor! I can't wait to meet your beautiful little princess! I know she's going to be wonderful just like you both are! <3

~Jenny Horn 


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2015 Easter Mini Highlights Hello everyone! From bunnies to beaches, this year's Easter mini sessions were pretty awesome. I've been so excited to share these sessions with you all that the anticipation was nearly killin' me! Enjoy this little journey and don't worry, we'll be doing more mini sessions just around the corner for Mother's & Father's Day! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and is enjoying Spring so far. Here are the highlights from the 2015 Easter Mini Sessions!

Let's start this adventure with the apropos bunny-filled Easter mini with Lily and Jasmine. The girls were so excited when I surprised them with a photo shoot with these adorable little fur balls! Being that Lily is 4, she had seen bunnies before, but this was 5 month old Jasmine's first experience with the tiny hoppers. Between wanting to hold and feed the bunnies, Lily was in heaven. A special thank you to Gretchen for making this possible. Definitely will be hard to top this year's Easter session with my girls in the future.

The next mini session was with the awesome Yakan trio ~ Joseph, Adam and precious Sophia. These boys had so much energy and enthusiasm and it was nicely balanced out by their sister's calm and poise. I had a ton of fun running around with them at the train depot and the adjoining park.

After our little jaunt in the park, I crossed Kuehner to Corriganville for some wonderful one on one time with the ever adorable Ayden and Ryder. After the tiny bout of rain Southern California was blessed with in February, most of the park still had some green. Corriganville was a fun little adventure and I know I can count on these boys to always be up for the challenge. Ah brothers! 

After wandering through the brambles and bushes at the historic park, we head to the beach. This session with the beautiful Barron family was wonderful. From the perfect weather at Leo Carrillo to the enchanting interaction between Irish twins, Luke & Ireland, I was in photog heaven. Not only did this family look gorgeous, but it was refreshing to see the palpable love between mom and dad throughout the entire session, it was captivating. I love this session... but watch for flying sand! 

Next up is the stunning Lindsey! Our original plan was to shoot in a beautiful field full of lupine flowers but unfortunately by the time we made it to the field, all of the purple beauties had succumbed to the returning drought by disappearing completely or turning a dull yellow. So with aplomb and grace this gal rolled with the punches and we ended up having a blast anyway! From a burnt up field in Simi Valley to the lush surroundings in a beautiful Westlake Village gem, she worked her mini session like a pro!

   The final mini session was of an awesome brother and sister who were kind enough to play along with my silly ideas. These two were hilarious. This is the very handsome Kai & the beautiful and high spirited Kamryn, doing what siblings do best! 

I hope you enjoyed this little highlight reel of this year's Easter mini sessions and I can't wait to see what next year brings! Stay tuned for information on our next mini session deal. Happy Spring everyone and thank you all!

"To you the night shines as bright as day. Darkness and light are the same to you." Psalm 139:12


~Jenny Horn


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Just in Time ~ Joanna's Maternity Session Hello friends! I want to share an awesome story with you about a beautiful friend of mine who got her maternity session just in the nick of time. Joanna and her hubby Ryan had me shoot their maternity session this past weekend and today was their wonderful baby shower to prepare for the arrival of their son, Jacob. Well, Jacob was just so excited to meet his parents that he decided to arrive today, the day of his shower. Here are some of their special moments before he joined us on the outside. :)

We started their session in a beautiful field of lupines.

After wandering through the field of purple, we made our way to the Simi Hills golf course so the happy couple could feed the ducks. 

Our final stop was Corriganville. Usually a drab location during this time of year, the park was lush and green after our bit of rain we've had recently. The happy couple only added to the beauty of their surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed their adventure as much as I did. She is simply stunning!

Congratulations Jo on becoming a mother and to the both of you, welcoming your adorable son into this world. I'm so excited for the both of you and know that you will make amazing parents! Blessings to you!!!

The best is yet to come!




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2014 Wrap Up! Hello all of you wonderful people!

I thought it would be fun to do a yearly wrap up for the Lovely Lily Photography blog on this chilly New Years Eve! We were blessed to have so many amazing photo sessions, parties and weddings this year and I met so many amazing new people. For this final 2014 blog, I thought it would be fun to recap some of my favorite shots from this year. 2014 had a ton of change for me personally and I'm sure many of you did as well. Engagements, weddings, babies... so much beautiful change! I hope you like these selections as much as I did. There is so much excitement as we ring in 2015 knowing the amazing people who have booked weddings and shoots already in the coming year. So very grateful for all of you and this wonderfully fun profession that can't possibly be called a job because I love it so much! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Here's to what was a very colorful 2014 and to a magical 2015! Cheers!!!

January brought some amazingly colorful sunsets to Southern California. This was a spectacular sunset captured on the beach in Ventura, CA along with some surfers also enjoying the view. 

You can't start the new year without a wintry trip to Jackson Lake! The beginning of the year we had tons of fun with Mel frolicking in the forest and playing in her castle up in Wrightwood, CA.

Then in March I revealed a special surprise for my birthday, with the help of my daughter Lily. My little family was going to be growing. We would be having another baby... and it was a girl!!!!

Throughout the year we did lots of graduation sessions that I fell in love with... Jenna & Ryan's were the most memorable.

Out of the beautiful weddings we did in 2014 I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the Musgrove wedding and some of the shots captured from their big day are my very favorite wedding shots of all time... here are just a few!

We can't have a recap of favorites without noting two of my favorite little guys on this planet. Ayden and Ryder are just too cute, don't you think??

One of the beautiful pre-prom sessions we did was right before the Simi Valley High School Prom and it featured the gorgeous Anna & Jacob. Their whole group was wonderful to work with and the colors were stunning. :)

Along with the weddings, we had some wonderful engagement parties and gatherings this year. Here's a few of my favorite shots from a special engagement dinner party for Dani, a beautiful bride to be.

 And with all of the engagements and weddings, we had a bunch of beautiful maternity sessions. I was blessed to photograph some gorgeous pregos this year. 

Don't forget all of the super moons we had this year!

I think my favorite things about this year I was blessed to photograph though, were the adorable kids and babies... including my newest addition, Jasmine Rae! Here are just some of them!

I had a blast with everyone this year and I hope you enjoyed our trip back through some of my favorite shots of 2014. I know that 2015 will be amazing!

Happy holidays and and best wishes for an incredible new year! From my family to yours!


Jenny Horn

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Fun with the Pratt Family Hi everyone and happy winter! There have been so many family portrait sessions lately but this one I just to had share. I had such a wonderful time with the beautiful Pratt family, visiting from Provo, Utah, that I thought it'd be fun to blog their shoot. You'll get to meet new mommy Tiffany, new daddy Josh and the gorgeous baby Quincy. It was a lovely crisp, cloudy December day in Thousand Oaks and baby Quincy was all smiles. Please enjoy their adventure in first time family portraits!

This is baby Quincy... isn't she precious?

It was all fun and games until 90 ducks flew over head!

Something about this fallen tree intrigues me... and so I have my families pose with it. Everyone loves Log! :)

Look up there mommy!

Who doesn't love a family picnic in the park?

She was chatting it up with auntie Kristine.

You can see this little princess is going to be a daddy's girl!

Sometimes babies get hungry... and sometimes they eat daddy noses. It just happens. :) Quincy is an adorable biter of noses. 

So little... so loved!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the Pratt family's session as much as I did shooting it. Happy Holidays!!! <3



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Little Pumpkins Happy Fall everyone!

I am so excited to share these super fun sessions with you all! Since Halloween is less than a week away, I'm pleased to show you what adorable little pumpkins (and some regular size ones, too) wandered into our pumpkin patch this year!

Our first group of Trick or Treaters had the sweetest personalities and they shone through in their pretty in pink style! Meet the beautiful Aubri (3) and Isabella (11). 

What kind of pumpkin patch would I be running without a pumpkin scarecrow keeping the crows out of my corn??? Meet Oscar (7). He's just the right amount of sweet and spooky! 

Next in our patch was the incredibly vivacious and fun Ian (7)! Nobody better mess with this ninja!!!

Our pumpkins seem to be getting smaller and smaller but no less cute! Next on our hayride is little Joshua (3). He takes the adorable factor to infinity and beyond!

Our final little pal is handsome Axyl (3). Let's just say it was super working with him!

Little Queen Elsa, AKA Lily Grace (4), managed to sneak into most of our Pumpkin Patch sessions... but I just let it go because they were all having so much fun! And the cuteness factor was off the charts! 

Nom nom nom pumpkins!!!!

Our next set of visitors included the stunning Aaliyah as the happiest Raggedy Ann you'll ever meet! When Lily and Ali are together the smiles and silliness doesn't stop!


Add one salty pirate and we're smoothly sailing through this fun fall blog! Doesn't Hillary look stunning?

Next up, I got to meet some pretty famous little dudes. Ayden (6) as an extremely charismatic Captain America & Ryder (2) as the most precious Elmo ever!

Take that Chris Evans! 

And our final visitors to our pumpkin patch were Dawn as Peter Pan & Mia as Wendy. These two were tons of fun to work with!


"Second star to the right... and straight on til morning..."

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land." ~ J.M. Barrie ~ Peter Pan

I hope you enjoyed wandering through our fall blog. Two more days until Halloween and I, for one, can't wait. Thank you to all of my wonderful clients and of course the little pumpkins! You guys are fantastic!!! Each year this "job" becomes more fun because of special people like you! I hope you all have an incredibly enjoyable and safe holiday! Message or email me with any questions or to schedule a fun photo session today! Oh, and don't forget to check us out on Facebook! <3

Until next time! 

~Jenny Horn 



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Heading Back to School... Hello friends!

It has been a little while since I've crafted a blog for your viewing pleasure so I thought I would do a little mix of "end of school year" fun and incorporate a few student related shoots we were blessed to work with this year. With summer nearly over and fall knocking on our doors, schools are back in session and these lucky few are all moving on to their next chapters in this epic journey called life. 

First up would be the lovely Miss Anna and her boyfriend Jacob! These two were wonderful to work with! I had the pleasure of shooting them right before they zoomed off in their limo, along with some friends, to the 2014 Simi Valley High School Prom being held in Westlake. Anna has since graduated SVHS class of 2014 and moved on to our own "Harvard on the Hill" Moorpark College. :) Congratulations to a beautiful couple!


Next on our list of movers and shakers is Ryan! This was such a fun session for his senior/graduation portraits. After completing high school this year, he is now starting an amazing program at Marymount University in Virginia. We wish you the best of luck, sir!

Our final gem is the beautiful Ms. Jenna, who graduated with a Bachelors Degree in History from California Lutheran University. She was a joy to work with and gorgeous to boot! Congratulations on your fantastic achievements!!


Wishing you all the best in your next endeavors and thank you all for being such amazing clients and friends! 

For now I'm prepping for my favorite season and can't wait for all of the wonderful holiday sessions and maternity/newborn work to come carry us out to the end of the year. Since I'm expecting my second baby girl mid-October, there will probably be a little bit of a break in our sessions. However, we already have a few weddings and sessions booked for 2015! I can't wait to work with all of you amazing people and please feel free to comment on here or send me a message via Facebook or email if you are interested in booking us for a session or event.

Take care friends!

~Jenny Horn

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Bobbi & Brian Tie The Knot! Hello everyone!

I wanted to share this beautiful wedding with you all. Meet the lovely Bobbi and her awesome (now) husband Brian! Surrounded by their children and closest family, the Musgrove's tied the knot at a gorgeous beach house on Rincon Beach in Ventura. This wedding was not only fun because of the bride's bubbly personality but it was an intensely perfect beach day. I really hope that you all love these images as much as I do. Thank you to Brian, Bobbi and your wonderful family for allowing me to share in your special day!




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Come Party With Mel in Her Castle! Hello friends! 

I hope the new year is treating you right and has found you well!

I was going through some of my files from 2013, making room for the wonderful memories to be had in this new year 2014, and I came across this really fun shoot that was done up in the Valyermo/Wrightwood area. After a fun time of shooting in one of my favorite locations, Jackson Lake, we decided to call it a day. On our way back down the mountain we stumbled upon a neat abandoned dwelling and then a second place that upon first glance appeared to be a castle atop a hillside. 

There is no keeping Mel down so she scaled the walls as if she were a mountain goat. She claimed this castle as her own and ruled over it's every corner as though it had always been her domain. I hope you enjoy looking at this awesome shoot as much as I had capturing the fun. Won't you join Mel in her castle? 

I must warn you though... that last step is a doosie!


~Jenny L.L.P.

Happy New Year!!!! Watch out for those veloceraptors... they're taking over California!!! Find out if Mel survived in the next Mel blog!

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It's Holiday Time! Hey everyone! 

I haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I'd give you all a little taste of the fun we've been having this month!

Until the end of November we are offering Holiday Mini Sessions for only $75! These little sessions are great for Christmas cards or framing that fun shot to display during the holidays. Also, we just added two different kinds of cards to our product list and holiday ornaments! You can choose from single cards featuring a beautiful image or create your own personalized card using one of the many templates (sold in a pack of 25 cards) and all come with envelopes. Check them out. All items are made with the photo(s) of your choice and can be ordered right from the website!

I hope you enjoy these fun shots and if you are interested in having a Holiday Session before November is over, just send me a message and let's capture some holiday memories you will cherish for years to come!


~Jenny L.L.P.

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Introducing Mel of the Forest Hello everyone! 

I'm pleased to introduce you to Mel. She is a beautiful, fun loving, adventure seeking, relatively fearless nature lover. I hope when seeing her awesome session at Jackson Lake, you will feel like you know her already and can see her appreciation for nature. We both had a blast doing this shoot and a subsequent blog will follow this one with a secondary trip. I hope you enjoy... Mel of the Forest! Complete with blooper reel at the end! 


So after our "serious" session... we just got silly. Enjoy the blooper reel!

I hope you enjoyed this adventure session as much as we did photographing it! Stay tuned for more fun "Mel Blogs". 

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Ryder's 1st Birthday Smash Cake & Photo Shoot Hello friends! 

The end of the year is a very busy time for birthdays and we have had no shortage of adorable children turning one with awesome parents wanting us to capture their special birthday moments. I had the pleasure of shooting another fantastic Smash Cake shoot with the incredibly handsome Mr. Ryder Karp this week and can't wait to share it with you all. I love this little guy's brilliant brown eyes and captivating smile. He is always a joy to work with and I'm so glad we were able to be a part of his first birthday memories!!!

Hold onto your hats because there is an epic proportion of cute headed your way!


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Ali's 1st Birthday Smash Cake! Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to share this little shoot with you all. This is Aaliyah's first birthday smash cake shoot and not only did she have a blast with her very first cake & frosting experience, but we did too! I hope you enjoy this little frosting covered cuteness!

I have a couple of smash cake sessions scheduled in the coming months, so stay tuned for more frosting and fun!


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Fourth of July fun with Baby Nate! I can't wait to show you all this adorable little prince. After seeing how awesome his parents are and being the one to have done his mommy's maternity shoot, I just couldn't wait to meet him myself. This little guy has been on my mind for the past two months as his mommy and I tried to work out a time for his very first photo session. We ended up shooting on Independence Day and this little guy brought along his 4th of July gear! He has the most expressive big blue eyes and a great smile to go with it. Although he is not technically a "newborn", this was our intended "newborn shoot". Now introducing two month old baby Nate! 

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday and that you enjoyed those beautiful blue eyes! Thanks for stopping by! <3

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Part Four of the Cavarretta Wedding Blogstravaganza!!! Welcome to the final installment of the wedding journey of Connor and Lexie Cavarretta! This final blog shows their reception at the Pierpont Inn and some of the fun things that it contained. Toasts, treats, tears and best of all tons of love! I hope you have enjoyed following along with their adventure and that you were able to get a taste of how awesome this brand new married couple really is. Thank you for joining us! <3

Thank you for a wonderful day Mr. & Mrs. Cavarretta! We wish you tons of love and a lifetime of happiness!!!!

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Introducing ~ Mr. & Mrs. Connor Cavarretta!!! Well the wait is finally up! Here is the Cavarretta Wedding blog part three! ( I knew you were excited!!!)

The ceremony was my favorite part of Connor and Lexie's journey so far. I've been to many weddings and I have to say, this was one of the most beautiful. I think that this ceremony was so appealing due to the simplistic nature that enveloped it. You have a gorgeous bride, a handsome groom, well groomed bridal party, lovely guests, tranquil yet vibrant surroundings, and the talent level is through the roof. I'm not joking about the talent either. How many of you can say that you sang and played an instrument at your own wedding? I know I didn't. How many of you have been to a wedding where someone has done this... and it didn't sound campy or cheesey, but instead you felt like angels were singing? This is just the tiniest bit of an explanation I have of the experience watching this amazing couple tie the knot.

Between their performing and their vows, the whole time emanating with young love, you realize that Lexie and Connor are a wonderful couple with amazing families who love them very much. I hope that I captured the spirit of the day, and that you can be transported into Pierpont Inn with us, because it was an amazing feeling watching this unfold firsthand. I truly feel blessed to have been there. Enjoy the ride. Next stop... cake and champagne! 

Here comes the bride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Prepping in Style ~ Marines Make Getting Married Look Goooooood! Welcome back! This is part two of what I am now referring to as the Cavarretta Wedding Blogstravaganza! I haven't quite decided if I am going to make this a three or four parter yet. Stay tuned to find out!

For now I will formally (<--- see what I did there?) introduce you to Mr. Connor Cavarretta, brand spankin' new member of the Few, the Proud, the United States Marines. This wonderful young man has traveled leaps and bounds to get to where he is today. He is a Private in the U.S. Marine Corps and now a loving husband! I am proud to say I've seen this guy's awesome transformation and feel blessed to be able to share just a small part of his journey with you here today. Contained within you will meet Connor - our wonderful groom (he's the one in uniform!), his brother Colby - the best man who also happens to be a very talented musician and devoted sibling, Ryan and Brandon - groomsmen and adoring brothers of the bride, John - friend, USMC veteran and military mentor to the groom, & Kenny - a super talented musician, worship leader and friend. Thank you all for letting me document this special day with you!!! 

This post will show you some of the wonderful detail that goes into preparing a Marine's dress blues for wear and how wonderful these guys look once they step out in their uniforms. I may be a bit biased, being that my husband John is the slightly more distinguished Marine in these pictures, but I think the Marines have the sharpest dress uniform in the United States Military. :) I hope you enjoy this glimpse of our groom getting fancy and I will catch you on the flip side with part three... The Wedding!!! <3

As Connor awaited the call to make his way downstairs to begin the much anticipated wedding, I headed down first to try and catch a glimpse of the beautiful bride-to-be, pre-ceremony. As I entered the beautiful garden at the Pierpont Inn where everything was about to start, I noticed this awesome fountain just to the left of where they would be having the service. I saw not only one hummingbird on the fountain, but two. What luck! Blessings were in abundance on this cool June afternoon. Next stop... the wedding! <3

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